• Online course providers offer massive open online courses (or MOOCs) and other organized courses that can be taken online. Students who enroll in an online course generally complete a series of lessons and take assessments to prove their mastery of the material. Depending on the subject and the coursework, some online course providers may offer certifications to students upon completion. While many online course providers offer free classes, some require a paid monthly subscription or a one-time fee for students to access a larger or more advanced selection of courses. Other online course providers may charge for certificates of completion or for enterprise access to courses.

    The courses offered via online course providers span a wide range of subjects, including coding, data science, marketing, graphic design, software skills, and career development. Some online course providers have smaller course catalogs, perhaps offering lessons focused on specific technical skills development, while other providers offer large catalogs comprising hundreds of different topics.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Online Course Providers category, a services provider must:

    • Offer self-paced online course content
    • Include a set curriculum organized into lessons, modules, or topics
    • Evaluate learner progress via skill assessments









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